Size samples available at the Newton clubhouse. Please verify sizing prior to placing order.
Item available for pick-up at Newton Club House.
View information on Ordering, Delivery and Team Orders View information on Ordering, Delivery and Team Orders 2017 Provincial A Cup gear is only available through on-line pre-sales. The closing date for sales is Friday June 30th. All items can be picked-up at Newton Athletic Park, Friday July 7th between 10am and 2pm and "Champions" text can be added to items on Sunday July 9th between 10am and 4pm. Please disregard the default shipping address screen as shipping is not available for this event. Sizing is standard and cotton and cotton blend items shrink approximately one size. For enquiries, please contact

About IQ

I.Q. Club Solutions Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the I.Q. Solutions Company Inc. and has been a major provider of equipment, apparel and promotional items to sports associations in Canada since 2007. IQ is well versed in the needs of clubs of all sizes and currently provide goods to over 50 sports organizations with extensive supply and apparel programs in place for many of the largest soccer clubs in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia. We are proud that the quality of products we provide and significant savings achieved versus purchasing through retail channels allow many of our customers to offer their membership a value proposition second to none. Here is how IQ is different.

What we do

1. Custom designed and manufactured apparel. Our in house design team will come up with a look and feel for your club uniforms and outerwear in your EXACT association colours which will differentiate you on the pitch and help you stand out from the crowd. At times it’s not until you get close enough to a local club player to see their logo that you know which association they belong to. We prefer to promote instant brand recognition from a distance on the way to the pitch with distinctive designs. Apparel, outerwear and equipment (where applicable) includes your design, logo and numbering, not your just logo applied to a generic design.

2. Ongoing availability of your look and feel. Custom manufactured means you choose when you want to change. Prominent Pro clubs have had a similar, consistent home jersey for many years, which has become synonymous with the club. Our goal is to provide the same for you.

3. Exclusivity. IQ only provides your uniform and outerwear design to you, not to other clubs in a different colour. Currently the proliferation of limited branded designs means that many clubs are sporting a look identical to their competitors. Take your look to the next level with a uniform and outerwear program unlike any other.

4. Tremendous Savings. Typically products from IQ run 25% – 50% less than branded options of similar quality. Rebates and marketing funds available through retail channels are typically honoured at retail pricing, providing substantially less benefit than the number indicates. Your IQ savings are real savings. These savings can translate into all sorts of additional value and branding opportunities by offering more with your kit than the average club. In some cases, the savings can provide a full apparel program for your volunteer & staff coaches or finance additional technical staff member. The cost of your IQ jerseys, shorts, socks, balls and outerwear includes your logo and any other printed elements included in your design. There are no hidden costs.

5. Permission based branding & partnership rebate program. IQ prioritizes the promotion of your brand and partners over our own retail interests with permission based branding. You can take advantage of an additional rebate on club purchases where IQ can co-brand at a mutually agreed upon garment location. This rebate applies to your proposed uniform purchase.

6. Inventory planning. With IQ’s extensive club experience, commonly purchased items are planned in advance and ordered in bulk to achieve big savings. Gone are the days of the last minute trip to the retailer and associated costs of a last minute recovery. Co-ordinate coach gear, academy needs and all other club programs into one large strategic plan.

7. Member confidence. Particularly with outer wear, parents and teams can purchase products with the confidence that whichever team their child ends up being with in future years, the apparel will be the same resulting in huge long term cost savings to membership and branding opportunity to the club. Items can be handed down to siblings for further use and exceptional retail pricing means younger club members are much more likely to get involved in the branding project. Have you ever seen different players on your teams wearing an assortment of different outerwear? This will no longer be the case.

8. Sales and service. IQ provides service for all items we manufacture. Our goods are primarily manufactured in other countries as is virtually every other brand offered in Canada but without the middle man your club can count on IQ to support the whole process.

Your Club Outer Wear program is another big part of your branding solution. IQ offers all the advantages listed above plus your choice of either of these two exciting programs.

Club Managed Outer Wear sales. With many clubs now enjoying club house facilities or central location the opportunity to provide your own club outerwear is now a reality. Staff can often be further utilized at your location by co-ordinating sizing and ordering on a team by team basis. Some inventory can be kept on-site for instant delivery and the balance at IQ where additional printing such as player names, numbers or initials are applied on an order by order basis. Delivery is co-ordinated weekly to the club house or directly to the end user. The advantage of this program is largely economics with the mark-up between the club's wholesale and retail pricing retained by the club.

IQ Managed Outer Wear sales. IQ staff can provide sizing nights at your location or your club can keep sizing sets at a central location where membership can verify the correct sizes of your items. Members or teams can then process orders though the club on-line club store hosted by IQ.

Contact IQ today to see what we can do for your organization!

Key Management

Christopher Begg, President
As president of I.Q. Club Solutions Inc., Christopher Begg oversees all day-to-day operations of the company. His responsibilities include business development, strategic planning, project management, licensing and distribution. For 16 + years prior to founding I.Q. Solutions in 2007 , Mr. Begg led a number of strategic initiatives for Canadian Optometrists managing a prominent Optical Supply company . Mr. Begg's work included a variety of roles including international product procurement, Sales and Organization Management with planning and implementation of a wide array of IT projects. These skills coupled with extensive, relevant experience in the business of sports clubs have added to Mr. Begg's lifelong passion for sports in propelling I.Q. Solutions to the leading edge of Sports Club supply and consulting.

Lisa Begg, Director of Client Care
Lisa brings her 14 years of experience and exceptional customer service background to IQ Club Solutions as Director of Client Care . Her responsibilities include inside sales, process planning and operations management.

We invite you to contact these or any member of our team at any time. We welcome your inquiries and feedback.